Bercaw Blogs on Duties Vessel Owners Owe Longshore Employees

Fifth Circuit Restates Duties in Recent Decision
November 28, 2012
New Orleans, La.

James D. Bercaw has written a blog post on a recent Fifth Circuit decision that restates the three duties vessel owners owe longshore employees. In Sobrino-Barrera v. Anderson Shipping Co., No. 11-20826 (5th Cir. Oct. 23, 2012), a cargo supervisor employed by stevedore Gulf Stream Marine was injured during cargo discharge operations from the M/V GRETA. The injury was allegedly caused by the faulty stowage of the cargo of steel pipes. This raised the question of whether the vessel owner breached any of its duties to Sobrino-Barrera, the injured longshore worker.
The post appears on King Krebs & Jurgens' Offshore Winds legal blog ( for marine and energy businesses.