Summer Associates

Our summer associate program in New Orleans is designed to provide future attorneys with realistic experience in law firm life. It is also the main source of hiring of full-time associates at the firm. 

We believe new associates benefit the most from hands-on experience, and our associates are exposed to the actual practice of law, accompanying attorneys to court and depositions and experiencing other unique situations lawyers regularly face. Additionally, throughout the summer associates participate in various leisure activities which allow them to meet others at the firm as well as enjoy the city of New Orleans. 

Our summer associates are diverse, and there is no "perfect" candidate, but we do actively seek well-rounded individuals typically in the top twenty percent of their law school class. Our associates are individuals looking to experience a mid-size law firm and who are eager for the chance to interact with a variety of lawyers across multiple practice areas.

If you're interested in a summer associate position with us, please send your resume and cover letter to:

Mr. Lindsay Larson
King, Krebs & Jurgens, P.L.L.C
201 St. Charles Ave., 45th Floor
New Orleans, LA 70170E